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When I hear someone say "Oh, you are so talented!" It’s flattering but I think no - I am a hard worker and also there is something behind me pushing me to paint, I still can’t figure out exactly what it is.  

Looking back as child I was extremely creative, at the time I didn’t think of myself as creative it was just how I was, if I wasn’t making something, I was dreaming of making it, creating and designing in my head, anything from fantasy worlds and spaces to a new dress or house for my Barbie dolls. At school I got bored easily and would drift off to my own world. A teacher wrote on one of my school reports “Margaret spends half the day looking out the window day dreaming”  this was never intentional, I just couldn’t help it. I still managed to keep up despite my day dreaming but I remember being so disappointed in my school reports, which all went along the lines of “needs to pay more attention in class”.

Art was always my favourite class and I can remember aged four, which was probably my first time holding a paint brush in play school, feeling pure pleasure and joy blobbing the bright red paint. 

Every artist has their own journey, mine started late. Despite loving art in secondary school and preparing a portfolio for art school, not coming from an artistic background I found it difficult to figure out a career path in art. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be an painter or designer, a makeup artist or work in costume or set design.
The CAO offers came in and I got to choose between animation and business. I chose business, as although the animation course was art related I was disappointed not to get my first choice and decided it wasn’t meant to be. I completed a 
BSc. in Business (Marketing) and worked in the sector for many years, it allowed me to travel and experience the world, and although marketing was definitely a creative outlet for me, it was never fulfilling as the end goal was always commercial. 

My passion for creating and painting never disappeared, I visited galleries whenever I got the chance and longed to be an artist myself and step into that world of creating. But a voice in the back of my head kept telling me that despite my love, I wasn’t good enough to succeed at it. It never occurred to me that I could learn and get better. I then believed that the ability to paint or draw well was a gift you were born with not a skill that you could develop. 
The creativity drive stayed with me, during my maternity leave in my early thirties I started a millinery sideline business creating hats and headpieces something I still love to do only just for family and friends now. 

It was during the restoration of our current home that my love of painting was restored. Choosing artwork for the walls let me explore different artists works and genres, I was so inspired by the beauty of the art I encountered I was easily persuaded by friends to take a painting class in our local community centre with a wonderful teacher called Dawn Hennessy. 

After that first class 5 years ago I was hooked, I knew I would keep painting from there. I still feel I am at the very beginning of my journey, I read somewhere you can do 100 bad paintings until you produce a good one. There are lots of my paintings that don’t make the cut, but also some paintings that I’m very proud of. I have to paint now, if I’m not painting I’m thinking about painting, creating, learning and improving. Even as I write this I’m wondering if I should stop and use the time to paint in my studio. 

Predominantly painting in oil, I’m drawn to nature and beauty, Inspiration comes usually from a memory triggered, It can be an item of clothing, a line from a poem, a flower, a superstition or memory that transports me to a place I’d long forgotten existed. It’s the feeling thats triggered that drives me to capture it somehow in paint and preserve it. Each painting is a balancing act between how I want the painting to look and also giving a glimpse of where my imagination takes me. Being true to myself is also very important to me, the excitement for me is seeing where my paintings take me. 
Ageing is a theme I’m curious to explore, I have always been drawn to old things. I live in a very old house and collect antiques and vintage items, the shabbier and tatty things that have a story attached are the things I love most.
Like a persons face, the age tells a story. I’m drawn to texture in paintings, I love the patina of very old peeling paint, faded colours and uneven patterns. I’m also drawn to withering flowers, the deep colours the crinkles in the petals. 

I love portraiture, its a challenge to capture a look or expression that gives a window into that persons soul. Painting flowers also gives me so much joy and freedom, I love the abstract shapes and vivid colours. I love to garden and spending a day outside in nature never fails to inspire my paintings. 

I grew up on a dairy farm, where being with the animals was part of my everyday, my father loved nature and wildlife and thought us how to name and recognise each bird, I love to include birds, animals and insects that are part of our everyday life in my paintings, they are symbols of freedom and infinite possibilities. 

When I think of my future I know painting and creating will be a huge part of it, art came to me when I really needed something to hold on to, just for me. Where the journey takes me is not important, my reward is the joy it gives me, that same pure joy I found aged 4 in play school blobbing the red paint. 

Thanks for reading. 





Thanks to her loyal followers and collectors Maggie’s  paintings are now held in private collections across the globe. 

Maggie has studied oil painting and techniques with London Fine Art Studios and continues to hone her skills through courses and workshops with artists including Sinead Lawless with the Schoolhouse for Art in Enniskerry & London based Sicilian artist Rosso Emerald Crimsonz. 

Maggie is currently studying for a BA (Honours) in Art History and Visual Cultures. 

Maggie is a member of Visual Artists Ireland. 

You can follow Maggie and her daily life on her Instagram here 

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